Week 9 –

I still haven’t been able to get any sticks. I am going to try to start using the sticks I have to start making a trainer. I am going to ask my dad for help with connecting the sticks and showing me how to use certain tools I need. I might need to make some connectors using parts of the sticks, so I can slide them toghether and screw them together.

Blog post 4

I am currently in the process of asking other people I know for used sticks. Tommorow I am going to go take some pictures of some trainers for reference points, and to let you know what a trainer actually looks like. I am going to start on a first trainer with the sticks I already have. Tommorow I will be back with pictures of a trainer. I already asked a friend, but he had no sticks he could spare.

Blog post 3

The next step is emailing the rink manager. I need permission from him to make the trainers, to put them in use at the rink. I am going to start asking my neighbours and friends for extra used or broken hockey sticks. I will have to go to the rink and see how tall and wide the trainers there are. I will need to trim the sticks to the right length and only then can I make the trainers. I am aiming to make one trainer.

Genius hour with Laur

I have changed my mind about my project. I am no longer trying to make a hockey stick. I changed my mind for many reasons, and these are some of the reasons; Making a hockey stick is a very complicated thing. You have to have very strong materials, very light, very durable material. My problem with that is I might use too much material, and then the stick fails, (snaps) wasting lots of time and valuable materials. I might use too little, and the outcome would be the same, just a little less wasteful. There are also many processes involved that I do not have the tools for.

Instead, I have decided to make something out of hockey sticks. I am going to make skating trainers. I decided to do this because it will be educational, and it will be quite fun. I will get to use power tools, and I also will have to go out asking for stick donations. I will donate them to our neghbourhood ourdoor rink. Many little kids go to the rink in the winter when it is open. Most of them are not very skilled at staking, and they fall a lot. There are also not enough of the trainers, so not everyone has one. I think this is a good idea because I will contribute to the community, and I will be reusing old things people don’t need.

There are no real hardships for this project, as my hockey team and my friends have many used sticks that I can use.

– Signing off, Laur

First blog post

Hello, dear readers. My name is Laur. I am in grade 8. I live in Edmonton, Alberta. I like to play sports, and my favorite thing to do is play video games. My favorite food is pizza. I play badminton and hockey, and I consider myself to be very good at them.

I am trying to build an object for hockey. I have chosen to make a hockey stick, and I want to make a very light stick. It might be very expensive though, because I will definitely fail at least twice. But I can watch videos at other helpful things to fail less.